2010 Best Large Party/Rehearsal Dinner-AZ Bride Nominee
2009 Best Large Party/Rehearsal Dinner-AZ Bride Nominee
2008 Best Margarita-Official Superbowl Guide
2007 Best Tequila Selection-New Times
2006 Best Margarita - Spirit Magazine(SW Airlines Magazine)
2006 Best Margarita- City Search
2006 Best Tequila Selection-New Times
2006 Best Outdoor Dining- 944 Magazine
2006 Best Outdoor Dining- City Search
2005 Best Fireside Dining - City Search
2005 Best Margarita - City Search
2005 Best Group Dining - City Search
2004 Best Tortilla - Phoenix Magazine
2004 Best Southwestern Cuisine - City Search
2004 Best Fireside Dining - City Search
2003 Best Outdoor Dining - City Search
2003 Best Margarita - Phoenix Magazine
2002 Best Margarita - The Rep


-So-you're in the valley of the sun on business or pleasure and you're yearning for true Mexican or Southwestern food. Right! Then let me suggest what thousands of we locals do: Head for Old Town Tortilla Factory
JJ La Barber, Travel Host Jan 2009

-Some things never change and sometimes those are the few comforts we can count on. If the opportunities to go this year have been less frequent. Perhaps the New Year should be spent in comfortable confines like Old Town Tortilla Factory
Kevin Lambert, AZ Weekly Dec 2008

"Old Town Tortilla Factory is a hidden hot spot and a favorite among locals, who adore the relaxed ambience, twinkling lights on the patio and rustic decor while sipping drinks and enjoying a broad and eccentric range of Southwestern food."
Karen Ritter, Valley Guide Summer 2007

"With the charm of an original small town home, Old Town Tortilla Factory is no remake, Brothers and Sisters, this is the original real deal, with cutesy tables on what could be one of the Best Dining Patios in Arizona. Fire. Water. Camelback Mountain. Great Food. Middle-class prices. Ah, the simple life."
Ian Kogneeto, The Scottsdale Times Sept 2006

“When the sun goes down the sun comes up at the Old Town Tortilla Factory in Scottsdale, setting the stage for an inspired evening of authentic Southwestern dining and margarita sipping."
Barbara Van Sittert, Valley Guide Spring 2005

“At one end of the patio, a group from what looked like a modeling service entertained their escorts, while on the other end Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’ Connor dined with her husband and friends. Now there’s a restaurant that has a wide-ranging appeal”
Marc Sliverstein, Food Network best of The Best Of, 2004