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We here at Jade Palace have a passion
for giving our clients the very highest quality of fresh ingredients and food that is prepared as it is ordered, all by way of the newest technology in Asian styled cooking. This new technology is "instant high heat", it cooks the meat faster while preserving the tenderness, nutrients and taste.

Another element is the fresh ingredients that are delivered to us every day to insure the the quality of the food. We also use one of the most trustworthy and dependable vendors in the country, "Sysco" to guarantee that the products that we use are the best and the freshest. Sysco delivers us skinless fat-trimmed chicken, choice cut fat-trimmed beef, gulf shrimp, ingredients and specially chosen seasonings for a robust flavor. All of these elements help make us the most unique family-owned Chinese restaurant in the valley.

Throughout the three generations our family has came across many challenges and defeated them all in order to bring Scottsdale the fullest flavored Chinese cuisine using only the highest quality and freshest ingredients we can. Hope you enjoy our passion.

Andy-Lei-Mei   Davlen-Lei-Mei
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