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is a snapshot of the hundreds of pieces of memorabilia that hang on the walls and ceilings at Don & Charlie's. I am happy to share a few stories with you.

In 1982 Randy Hundley did the first fantasy camp. We had opened in 1982 and the walls were still kind of bare. I commissioned an artist to draw a caricature head shot of the 1969 Cubs team. It's great, many from the 69' Cubs have signed the wall next to their picture. It is a one of a kind. That's what makes it so special.

For many years the Golf pro's in the Valley put on a golf outing called "The Santa Claus Classic". I played in it. The best gifts in the world were given and everyone got something special. They called my name and I went up to the podium and they gave me a driver. I thanked them and sat down. The driver was right handed and I am left handed. I said nothing but the next year they called my name and game me a left handed driver and a golf bag. The bag is from the 1995 Phoenix Open and is signed by every player.

Frank Bruno was a heavy weight boxer who was one of Mike Tyson's first opponents. Frank was training in Scottsdale and often ate at the restaurant. He was quite surprised when after dessert I asked him to sign a pair of boxing gloves. He obliged and that is that.

A few years ago Rawlings Sports had a large party at the restaurant. It was probably close to a 100 people. Imagine my surprise when they gave me a Gold Glove. The Gold Glove is a real conversation starter and I am honored to say it is mine.

Jerry Rice stopped in for a drink one night while he was playing for the San Francisco 49'ers. I introduced myself and asked him if he would sign the wall. He said "just a minute" and went outside and came back with a poster. He signed it and presented it to me. How good is my life?

I don't have a Joe Montana 49'ers jersey but I have a jersey signed by him when he was with the Kansas City Chief's. Casual football fans sometimes tell me that he never played for the Chiefs. He did and I have the jersey to prove it.

There are mornings that I am sitting at my desk and I hear a knock on the front door. More often than not, it's someone who wants to take their time and check out our stuff. I am happy to oblige.

Great Food, Great Atmosphere and Great Hospitality.
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