Don & Charlie's Restaurant Championship Dining in Scottsdale, AZ Don & Charlie's Sport Memorabilia - Scottsdale, AZ

Don & Charlie's has been providing "Championship Dining Since 1981." Here are just a few of the many media comments and awards we've received.

* "Don Carson has been packing 'em in since he opened this big, friendly restaurant back in 1981. And for good reasons." (Phoenix Magazine)

* "Don & Charlie's would not have endured for almost 20 years in the same location if quality weren't on the menu." (Arizona Republic)

* "Serious carnivores can confidently step up to the plate at Don & Charlie's. With fare this good, it's impossible to strike out." (New Times)

* "It's where athletes and sports journalists mingle with their legions of admirers ...the quality is solid and the servings are man-sized." (100 Best Restaurants in Arizona)

* "Best Restaurant for Male Bonding -- The sports memorabilia is phenomenal...the food is also Hall-of-Fame quality" (The Rep's Best 2000, Arizona Republic)

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