Spicy Scallops
X.O. Scallops with Garden Vegetables
Sauteed Scallops
Scallops wiith Garden Vegetables
Scallops with Black Bean Sauce
Scallops with Straw Mushrooms
Scallips with Broccolli
Scallops with Snow Peas
Scallops with Chinese Vegetables


Fresh Fish of the Day
White Chilean Sea Bass Steak
(Steamed or fried)
Fresh Water Tilapia
(Steamed or fried)
Steamed Fresh/Live Fish
Pan Fried Fillet with Green Vegetables
Deep Fried Fillet of Cod with Sweet Corn Sauce
Sauteed Cod Fish Fillet
Deep Fried Fillet of Cod with Cream Sauce
Fish Fillet with Black Bean Sauce
Deep Fried Fillet of Cod with Sweet & Sour
Lemon Fish Fillet

Lobster & Crab

Lobster or Crab with Spicy Pepper Salt
Steamed Lobster or Crab
Lobster with Supreme Sauce
X.O. Lobster or Crab
Lobster or Crab w/ GInger & Green Onion
Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab