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Carfree Station Grill & Bar Restaurant

Carefree Station
at Spanish Village
7212 Ho Hum Rd.
Carefree, AZ
(480) 488-8182

Restaurants Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale

When Carefree Station opened in January 2004 we called our style of food American Regional with a southwestern flair. As we became part of the Carefree community, we spoke our address aloud and got to know our neighbors, a mood and style began to influence our direction. We realized the food we were creating and the atmosphere and the feelings we wished to share with our guests was becoming our interpretation of the style and feel of our community...and Carefree Cuisine was born.
The influences of Arizona, the desert, the west and where we are all from, our families, the east, the midwest, the south...the world. In other words: "a little Southwestern, a little Mexican and whatever we like. If it's good..do it"

                        So for us at Carefree Station we welcome you to our Carefree Cuisine.

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