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5 And Diner Menu
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Breakfast Specialties
(Served Around the Clock.)

Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs

Our Chicken-Fried Steak covered with Country Gravy served with Two Eggs any style, Potatoes and Toast or Biscuits.

Special Country Breakfast

Two Large Eggs with your choice of Bacon or Sausage and our own Special Country Gravy and Biscuits.
Substitute Ham for Bacon or Sauage

Waffle Combination

A Golden Brown Belgium Waffle served with One Egg and Two Strips of Bacon.

Chili Verde

Scrambled Eggs, Onions, Tomatoes, Green Chilies served with Potatoes and a Flour Tortilla.

Joe's Special

Ground Beef, Spinach, Onions, Mushrooms & Two Scrambled Eggs served with Potatoes and Toast or Biscuits.

Parisian Omelette

3 Egg Omelette with Bacon, Mushrooms, Chives, Melted Jack and Parmesan Cheese, Potatoes, Toast or Biscuits.

Hungry Man

Three Large Eggs, Two Strips of Bacon, Two Sausage Links, Potatoes, Toast or Biscuits.

Buttermilk Pancake Breakfast

Three Golden Brown Pancakes with 2 Bacon Strips or 2 Link Sausage, Syrup and Butter.

Chorizo Con Huevos

Scrambled Eggs with Mexican Sausage, Potatoes, Flour Tortilla and Refried Beans.

Vegetable Burrito

Two Scrambled Eggs blended with Onions, Chilies, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, and Monterey Jack Cheese rolled in a Hot Flour Tortilla.
Served with Salsa and Potatoes.


A Flour Tortilla Topped with Potatoes, Green Chilies, Onions, and Tomatoes, covered with a Three Egg Omelette.
Served with Salsa.

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Lunch & Dinner Specials

Dinner Specials

Dinner specials include a Delicious cup of Soup or a Dinner Salad, Vegetable of the Day and Your Choice of our Famous Seasoned French Fries or Mashed Potatoes.
Baked Potato available between 5:00pm & 10:00pm

Baby Back Ribs   Full Rack and 1/2 Rack

A full or half rack of Ribs cooked to perfection and basted in our BBQ Sauce.

Shrimp Dinner

Lightly breaded Gulf Shrimp on a Bed of Lettuce served with our homemade cocktail sauce.

Pork Chop Dinner

Marinated USDA Center Cut Pork Chops basted, tenderized and broiled to perfection.


A full pound of tender Mid-western grain fed Beef.

Steak & Shrimp

A 6 oz. Top Sirloin USDA choice cut broiled to perfection served with 3 lightly breaded Gulf Shrimp.

Fettuccini Chicken Alfredo

Fettuccini Pasta mixed with Alfredo Sauce topped with succulent strips of Zesty Chicken and a side of Garlic Toast.

Lunch Specials

Meals Specials

Tennessee Burger

A 1/3 lb. Patty served on a Toasted Bun, Topped with mild Cheddar Cheese, Tangy BBQ Sauce, Grilled Onions and our Classic Onion Ring.

Garlic Mushroom Burger

A 1/3 lb. Patty topped with Swiss Cheese and a blendof Sauteed Mushrooms and Garlic, served on a Toasted Bun.

Monterey Burger

A 1/3 lb. Patty topped with Pepper Jack Cheese and two strips of Bacon.

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3 Egg Omelettes
Ranch Fresh AA Grade Eggs, served with Potatoes and your choice of Toast or Biscuits. Bagel Available Too




Ham and Cheese

Mexican Machaca

Shredded Beef.


Mushrooms, Onions, Green Peppers & Tomatoes.


Onions, Green Peppers & Ham


Green Chilies, Onions, Tomatoes & Cheddar Cheese.


Bacon, Mushrooms, Chives, Jack & Parmesan Cheese.

Chicken Fried Steak Omelette

Covered with Country Gravy.

Pancakes and Waffles
Our Pancakes are Light and Fluffy, served with Butter and Maple Syrup. Lite Syrup upon request.

Three Country Pancakes

Short Stack, Two Pancakes

Three Pecan Pancakes

Blueberry Hill Pancakes

Strawberry Pancakes

with Whipped Topping.

Diner Waffle

Pecan Waffle

Strawberry Waffle

with Whipped Topping.

French Toast

Three Slices, served with Hot Maple Syrup.

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Meat and Egg Combo
Two Eggs any style, Potatoes, and your choice of Toast or Biscuits.

Bacon or Sauage


Hamburger Patty

Corned Beef Hash


Machaca & Scrambled Eggs

Just Two Eggs, any Style

Side Orders

Three Homemade Biscuits with Gravy

Two Homemade Biscuits and Gravy


Bagel with Butter

Bagel with Cream Cheese

Raisin Toast

Cinnamon Roll

Toasted English Muffin

Two Homemade Biscuits

Four Bacon Strips

Hickory Smoked Ham

Four Sausage Links

Breakfast Potatoes


Hot or Cold Cereal

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Buffalo Wings

(12) with Ranch Dressing and Celery.

Wet French Fries

Cheese French Fries

Chicken Fingers Meal

5 tenders served with French Fries.

Cheese Crisp

Grilled Flour Tortilla with Cheddar Cheese

Cheese Crisp Grande

Tomatoes, Green Chilies & Onions.

Trio Platter

Jalepeño Poppers, Cheese Sticks and Breaded Mushrooms.
Served with Ranch Dressing.

Onion Rings

A Specialty at the 5 & Diner

Breaded Mushrooms

(12) Served with Ranch Dressing.

Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers

(6) Served with Ranch Dressing

Cheese Sticks

(6) Served with Marinara or Ranch Dressing

Chili Cheese Fries

French Fries

1/2 Order Fries

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Our Hot Juicy Hamburgers come fully equipped with Tomato, Lettuce, Pickles, Onions and our Special Seasoned Mayonnaise. We us 1/3 lb. of Ground Beef that is char broiled just right.
Served with your choice of either Famous Seasoned French Fries, Coleslaw or Potato Chips.

The Big Bopper Burger

Our Double Decker Burger with Melted American Cheese on a Toasted Bun.

Diner Burger

This Classic hamburger is served on a Toasted Bun.

Southwest Burger

Our Famous Diner Burger served on a Toasted Bun with Mild Green Chilies and Melted American Cheese.

Veggie Burger

This Burger is made for those who go meatless. Made from a Savory Blend of Mushrooms, Onions, Red and Green Bell Peppers, Carrots, Olives & Water Chestnuts.
Served like our other Hamburgers

Chili Size

One Third pound of Ground Beef served on an Open-Face Bun, covered with our very own Homemade Chili.
Onions on Request.

Mushroom Burger

Our Famous Diner Burger served on a Toasted Bun smothered with Sauteed Mushrooms.

Bacon Burger

Our Famous Diner Burger served on a Toasted Bun with Melted Cheddar Cheese and Bacon.

Solo Burger

This is our Famous Diner Burger served on a Toasted Bun.  Sorry no French Fries with this one.

BBQ Burger

Our Famous Diner Burger served on a Toasted Bun smothered with our Tangy BBQ Sauce.

Patty Melt

Ground Beef Patty topped with Melted American Cheese Sauteed Onions, served on Grilled Rye.

The Blue Moon Burger

Our Famous Diner Burger is covered with a mixture of Blue Cheese Crumbles blended with Cream Cheese, then gently topped with Monterey Jack Cheese, served on a Fresh Toasted Bun.

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Our sandwiches are served with choice of Famous Seasoned Fries, Coleslaw or Potato Chips unless noted.

The Turkey Club

Tender sliced Turkey, Crisp Bacon, Sliced Tomato, Lettuce and Mayonnaise combine to make this artistic Triple Decker Delight.

BLT Clubhouse

A Triple Decker with Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato.

The Francheeze

A Large Beef Hot Dog stuffed with Cheese wrapped in Bacon, topped with more Cheese on a Toasted Bun.

Breaded Chicken Sandwich

A Tender Breaded Chicken Breast served on a Toasted Bun with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Mayonnaise and Pickles.

Pork Cutlet Sandwich

Tender Breaded Pork Cutlet served on a Toasted Bun.

Hot Meat Loaf Sandwich

Our Famous Homemade Meat Loaf served with Vegetable, Creamy Mashed Potatoes and Covered with Rich Brown Gravy.

Hound Dog

A Large All Beef Dog Charbroiled and served on a Toasted Bun with our Famous French Fries.

Grilled Cheese

Served on Thick Sliced White, Wheat, Sourdough or Rye.

Albacore Tuna Melt

A Generous serving of White Albacore Tuna with Melted American Cheese on Thick Sliced Grilled Rye.

The Reuben

Slices of Fresh Corned Beef topped with a Heap of Sauerkraut, Melted Swiss Cheese on Thick Sliced Grilled Rye.

New Yorker

Hot slices of Corned Beef topped with Monterey Jack Cheese, Homemade Coleslaw, and 1000 Island Dressing on a Bun.

Tangy Chicken Sandwich

Tender Chicken Breast Marinated in Italian Herbs and Spices and served on a Toasted Bun.

La Bamba Melt

Tender Slices of Roast Beef, Grilled with American Cheese and Green Chili, served on Grilled Rye Bread.

Grilled BBQ Breast of Chicken

Our Hot & Juicy Marinated Chicken Breast served on a Toasted Bun smothered with our Tangy BBQ Sauce.

California Chicken Sandwich

A Marinated Breast of Chicken topped with melted Swiss Cheese and Alfalfa Sprouts on a Toasted Bun.

Hot Sandwiches: Roast Beef or Turkey

Served with Vegetables, Creamy Mashed Potatoes and covered with Rich Gravy.

Steak Sandwich

Broiled Top Sirloin Steak served on Toasted Sourdough Bread.

Veggie Delight

Cream Cheese, Swiss Cheese, Sliced Cucumbers, Shredded Carrots, Onions, Alfalfa Sprouts, Mushrooms, Tomato Slices and Lettuce served on Multi-grain Bread and a side of Cottage Cheese
(Dressing upon request)

Surf City

Two Tender Fish Filets served on a Toasted Bun, with Lettuce and our own Special Tartar Sauce.

French Dip

Tender Slices of Roast Beef served on a Hoagie Roll, with Au Jus.

Philly Steak or Philly Chicken Sandwich

Grilled with Onions, Sweet Bell Peppers, and Swiss Cheese, served on a Hoagie Roll.

Hot Pastrami

Slices of juicy Hot Pastrami topped with Monterey jack Cheese, served on our Thick Sliced Rye Bread.

Add Soup or Salad to any Sandwich
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Dinner includes a Delicious Cup of Soup or a Dinner Salad, Vegetable of the Day and Your choice of our Famous French Fries or Mashed Potatoes.
(Baked Potato available between 5:00pm & 1:00pm)

Chicken Fried Steak

A Must try of all Diner goers, covered with Country Gravy.


Meat or Marinara Sauce with Garlic Toast served without Potatoes or Vegetables.

Macaroni and Cheese

Served Hot and Cheesey the way it should be...
no potatoes.

Choice Ground Round Steak

A Generous Portion of 100% Ground Beef served HOT and Juicy Covered with a Rich Mushroom Gravy.

Fried Chicken

3 Pieces of Juicy Chicken Deep Fried to Perfection.

Beef Liver

With Grilled Onions.

Chicken Fried Chicken Dinner

A Tender Breaded Chicken Breast Deep Fried to a Golden Brown and covered with Country Gravy.

Baked Homemade Meat Loaf

A Generous Portion of our Famous Homemade Meat Loaf Covered in Rich Brown Gravy.

Smothered Chicken

Boneless Chicken Breast smothered with Grilled Onions, Bell Peppers, Mushrooms and covered with Jack Cheese.

Smothered Steak

Top Sirloin Smothered with Grilled Onions, Bell Peppers, Mushrooms, and covered with Monterey Jack Cheese.

Pot Roast Dinner

Tender Roast Beef smothered in Gravy with Creamy Mashed Potatoes.

Deep Fried Cod Fish

Cod, served on a Bed of Lettuce withour own Tartar Sauce.

Zesty Grilled Chicken Dinner

Tender Chicken Breast Marinated in our Zesty Italian Blend of Herbs and Spices.

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Soups and Salads

Our Famous Dressings are Fresh and Tasty.
Blue Cheese, Thousand Island, French, Fat Free Honey Dijon, Fat Free Ranch, Ranch, and Italian are available.

Hot Soup and Dinner Salad

Ask your Server what the Soup of the Day is.
Your Choice of Soup and a Dinner Salad.

Chicken Caesar Salad

Our Classic Caesar Salad Topped with a Seasoned Grilled Chicken Breast.

Caesar Salad   Full and Half

A Tempting mixture of Romaine Lettuce, Parmesan Cheese, Croutons, and Our Classic Caesar Dressing.

Dinner Salad

Taco Salad

Choice of Shredded Beef or Chicken on a Bed of Salad, with Tomatoes and Shredded Cheddar Cheese.
Served in a crispy Tortilla Shell with Salsa and Sour Cream.

Grilled Chicken Breast Salad

Grilled Chicken Breast, Seasoned and served Hot on a Bed of Salad, Celery Sticks, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Alfalfa Sprouts and a Hard Boiled Egg.

Diner Cobb Salad

A Blend of Swiss and American Cheeses, Blue Cheese Crumbles, Bacon, Seasoned Chicken Breast, Diced Tomatoes and Hard Boiled Egg, layered on a Bed of Salad Greens.
Served with your choice of Dressing.

Hot Soups or Homemade Chili

Made Fresh-every day, right here in our Diner.
Cup or Bowl

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Blue Plate Specials

Breakfast Specials

Available Monday through Friday from 6:00am - 11:00 am

1. Egg on Muffin with Bacon, Cheese and Potatoes.

2. Breakfast Burrito stuffed with 2 scrambled Eggs, Cheddar Cheese and Potatoes.

3. French Toast with 2 Strips of Bacon.

4. Eggs any style, Hash Browns, Toast.

5. 1/2 Biscuit and Gravy, 1 Egg any style, 2 Strips of Bacon.

Daily Soups


Mexican Chili Soup


Potato Cheese


Cream of Broccoli


Chicken with Rice


Clam Chowder


Potato Leek


Chicken Noodle


Vegetable Soup

Lunch and Dinner Specials

Available from 11:00 am - 7:00 pm


1. Cup of Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

2. Turkey and Swiss Melt with our Famous French Fries.


1. Cup of Soup and Turkey Sandwich.

2. Sloppy Joe with our Famous French Fries.


1. Cup of Soup and BLT Sandwich.

2. Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and Garlic Toast.


1. Cup of Soup and Ham Sandwich.

2. Chimichanga, Refried Beans, Sour Cream & Salsa.


1. Cup of Soup and White Albacore Tuna Melt.

2. Fish and Chips

Sorry No Substitutions

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for our guest 55 and older

Senior Omelette

A two Egg Omelette with Sauteed Onions, Bacon, Tomatoes, and Cheddar Cheese served with Hash Browns and Choice of Bread.

Senior Waffle

Half a Golden Brown Belgium Waffle served with One Egg Two Strips of Bacon or Two Sausage Links.

Senior Early Riser

One Egg served with Hash Brown or Cottage Cheese, Bacon or Sausage, and Toast or Biscuit.

Senior Pancake Breakfast

Two Pancakes, Two Large Eggs and Two Strips of Bacon.


Soup and Salad

A Side Salad served with choice of Dressing and a Delicious Bowl of Homestyle Soup.

Senior Sandwiches Served with Chips

Sliced Turkey on Sourdough Bread

Grilled Ham and Cheese

Ham and Swiss on Rye

Roast Beef on Multigrain

Senior Dinner Selections

Served with Dinner Roll and Vegetable
Add a cup or Soup or Dinner Salad

Liver and Onions

Beef Liver topped with succulent grilled Onions, served with Choice of Fries or Mashed Potatoes and Gravy.

Grilled Chicken Dinner

Marinated, boneless, skinless grilled Breast of Chicken, served with Choice of Fries or Mashed Potatoes and Gravy.

Fish Dinner

Two Delicious golden fried Fish Fillets served with Choice of Mashed Potatoes and Gravy or French Fries.

Meatloaf Dinner

Homemade Baked Meatloaf Dinner with Choice of rich Brown Gravy and Mashed Potatoes or French Fries.

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Shakes, Malts and Soda


Made with Breyer's Ice Cream
Black and White, Oreo Cookie, Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Butterscotch, Root Beer, and Mocha.
Specialty Shakes Available, Just Ask Your Server.


Thick, Rich and Malted. Black and White, Oreo Cookie, Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Butterscotch, Root Beer, and Mocha. Topped with Whipped Cream and a Cherry. Specialty Malts Available, Just Ask Your Server.

Yogurt Shake

Low Fat & Cholesterol, Chocolate, Strawberry, Butterscotch or Vanilla Flavors. Specialty Flavors also Available.

Egg Creams

Just Like the Original New York City Favorite. Milk, Chocolate or Vanilla Syrup, and Soda Water Make this a Smooth and Refreshing Treat.


This Creamy Classic Features a Heaping Portion of Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream, Soda Water, and Chocolate Syrup. The Coolest and Most Old Fashioned Way to Cool Off.


You Won't Want to Miss Our Float. A Fun and Frosty Favorite Stacked to the Brim with Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream. Your Choice of Root Beer or Coke.



Regular ro Decaf.


Hot, Ices or Herbal.


Chocolate Milk

Hot Chocolate



Orange, Grapefruit, Apple or Tomato.

Soft Drink

Coke, Diet Coke, Root Beer, Sprite, or Mr. Pibb.

Any Soft Drink

with Cherry, Vanilla or Chocolate Flavors.

Bottled Water

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Fresh Baked Brownie Sundae

Freshly Baked Brownies, topped with Hot Fudge, Vanilla Ice Cream, Whipped Toppings, Crushed Nuts and a Cherry

Dish of Ice Cream or Yogurt

Single Scoop Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry.

Sugar Free Apple Pie

Assorted Pies

Apple, Cherry or Pecan. A la Mode Available

Lemon Meringue or Chocolate Cream Pie

Baked New York Cheese Cake

Strawberry, Blueberry or Chocolate Topping

Sundaes (Ice Cream or Yogurt)

Chocolate, Strawberry, Butterscotch or Hot Fudge with Whipped Topping, Nuts and a Cherry

Side Orders

Sauteed Mushrooms

Baked Potato

Hash Browns

Sliced Tomatoes

Cottage Cheese or Coleslaw

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We Accept

We Accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express

Eat'em & Enjoy!


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